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Valentine's patented Boob-A-Thon

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Valentine's patented Boob-A-Thon

Post  Valentine on Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:36 pm

My advert for the boob-a-thon*:
Join my boob-a-thon. It's legit. We're empowering the femininity of a hot rack by playing games with boobs (and guns, because it's like a woman with a hot pair of boobs wielding a penird to her will - so hot and real). Snagging games with boobs featured in the 3D and/or hi-def variants are even better (it's not like you see them that way every day, ya know), but there's nothing at all wrong with some hot 8-bit boobaction if that's your thing, too.

Good day and boobs to you all.

P.S. Who ever sends me a copy of the Tomb Raider trilogy on the PStri will be a rather boobacious winner of the boob-a-thon.

P.S.S. boobs

More Info
Recommend some games with boobs, and I'll make a boob-a-thon out of them. I would prefer if these games, also, featured guns. Guns are the only phallic symbol that allows me to live out my fantasies with males without seeming too gay.

See my note for suggestives** and for the master list of boobacious users who will be participating.*

*Is it bad that the first thing I did was to write boob-a-thong instead? I kinda like the ring of that.
**This is not a list of all of the games that I will be playing, but Suggestives from users who are participating in the Boob-A-Thon so that people who have not picked out a game in their own boob-a-thon have an idea of what games others might play.

Someone was curious as to whether there was a real goal to the boob-a-thong. Beat, complete, master, what? No. There isn't.
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Re: Valentine's patented Boob-A-Thon

Post  Terra on Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:16 am

I have no idea what's going on here so all I can suggest lately for games with boobs is Duke Nukem Forever Arrow
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