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School/Work Stereotypes

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School/Work Stereotypes

Post  Starlight on Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:39 pm

Thought this would be a good game where we add people who we stereotype at school/work.

I'll start off with what we get in Manchester but it'll most likely be in other parts of the UK too.


The Rebel

There has to be one person who decides to go against the rules...and ALWAYS gets caught no matter what.

The Lone Wolf

The Chick/Dude who gets on with everybody and anybody...and has a neutral opinion on everything.

That Dude/Chick Everyone Knows

They pretty much invade your life and even your non classmates know them somehow in your little universe!

The Invisible Man

He/She never comes into school...but when they do you remember their name and what they look like somehow!?!

The Relationship Addict

We usually call them bad names, but they can't help the hormones and somehow manage to get into another relationship despite their history.

The Maniac

The guy who brings in weapons, makes strange noises and will fight anyone (and lose).

That Loser Outcast Everyone Laughs At

The guy/chick who tries to be funny but only gets laughed at...can be a bully to more withdrawn people though...

The Smart B***erd

The one who truly knows it all (apparently).

The Guy Who's Good at EVERY Sport

No matter what sport he's in...he manages to win in any team he's in...

That Rebel Chick who messes with People

She likes to break hearts, play cat and mouse and an all round rebel who likes getting told if it's a fetish.

The Guy Who Thinks He's Always Right

He usually despises the Smart B***erd and does everything he can to try and prove him wrong.

The Guy who Forces Others to Become his Friend

A psycho...although the less friends he has, the more crazier he becomes.

The Jokester

Always doing physical pranks to everybody!

The Guy Who Somehow Gets Away With EVERYTHING!

That dude who does rebel things but teachers forgive him through his cunning...

The Guy who always Eats

No Matter what, you just see him/her eat, and eat and eat!

The Geek Pushover

The poor dude who never gets a break...even by teachers.

The Moody B****

That one girl who never has anything good to say....and always scowls.

The Anti-Bully

He/She always has people's backs when they are bullied.

The Guy Who tries to Sell Things During Break-Time

How the hell does he get all of this stuff and make a profit?

The I.O.U Guy

He/She is always asking for money and never giving it back,

The Attention Seeker

No Matter What, they tell such BS that people believe them!

The Egotistical Get

That one dude who has to brag about how rich he is, how he could of went to a Richer School...despite probably living like us.

That Little Person who somehow always gets into Fights

He's the smallest in your class, but somehow wins every fight he has ever got himself into.

That Dude or Chick who hasn't learnt what Lynx is

Self explainatory.

The Pervert/s

There is always a dude (or a group of them) that always have to mention something crude or innuendo about the opposite gender...mostly cringeworthy.

That Guy No-ONE KNOWS!

Even if you see him everyday, you can never recall his name.

The Bookworm

No matter what, they don't say anything and keep their eyes fixed on the book throughout the school day.

The Rebel Jokester

No Matter what, he does it to annoy and upset others....can be pals with the Jokester.

The Teacher Hater

Even after a consoletation with a teacher, they still go back to their ways to hate teachers.

That Guy Who Swears but not in front of Teachers

Swears like a sailor with friends but is an Angel in front of teachers.

The Two faced Guy

The guy who slyly gets others into trouble.

That Guy Who Can't Understand ANYTHING YOU SAY TO HIM/HER!

There's always one who can't follow instructions...or even what you say to him.

That Guy Everyone Likes but you Hate Him/her

What is with this guy? Oh, right...everyone loves him/her except me!?!

That Guy You like Who Everyone Hates


The Trend Setter

They Always Seem to have the Next "In" thing.

The Gossiper (Nowadays, the Facebook/Twitter Stalker)

Always has to spread the most noteworthy news.

The Laid Back One

They won't ever get angry in your School Life...and have probably tried Weed.

The "Joke" Guy

That one dude everyonje targets their jokes to...he/she is either very non-caring about it or are always screaming to everyone to stop doing it.

*The One Homosexual Everyone Loves

From my experience, there is one gay person who everyone loves to talk to....then you have...

*The One Homosexual Everyone Hates

Opposite reasons...namely because they are so like a woman to tell tales behind people's back. They also use the "It's Because I'm Gay Isn't It!?!" Although if you say the example above, they go "They aren't Gay". (True Story)

That Guy Who Says Strange Things

You nod out of politeness but are thinking "What the hell did he say?"

*I hope I do not offend any homosexual members on this forum...since I have a few gay friends's just stereotypes you get in school.

I hope this is interesting to those who wish to read my experiences in school (They are almost ALL in my Year/Grade).
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Re: School/Work Stereotypes

Post  Valentine on Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:25 pm

Individuals - people and stuff.
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Re: School/Work Stereotypes

Post  Starlight on Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:58 am

Valentine wrote:Individuals - people and stuff.

lol Yeah but I thought it'd be interesting to see what comes up from stereotyping.

I generally don't stereotype anyone but I thought it'd be an interesting game to play. Smile
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Kricket Frequenter

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Re: School/Work Stereotypes

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