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E3 Rumor: Epic Mickey To be Shown Off With Graphical Overhaul

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E3 Rumor: Epic Mickey To be Shown Off With Graphical Overhaul

Post  Terra on Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:13 pm

It's been one of the more highly anticipated titles to be announced for the Wii. Designed by Warren Spector, perhaps best known for creating the Deus Ex series, who was commisioned by Disney Interactive, Epic Mickey's development was rumoured for years and became highly noted for it's darker art style, with concept art being leaked several times

When it was officially revealed last October, screenshots were also released, which left some fans disappointed. They believed that the graphics didn't live up to the art style seen from the concept art. Disney may have taken this into consideration, as a rumour has now appeared from a French website called Gamekyo that the graphics will be overhauled, and that this will be shown off at E3.

With E3 only two weeks away, it should certainly make for an interesting conference.

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