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Steam Weekend Sales: 28/05/10 – 31/05/10

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Steam Weekend Sales: 28/05/10 – 31/05/10

Post  Terra on Sat May 29, 2010 9:15 am

It's time yet again for the latest weekend sales courtesy of Valve and this week, they have some good ones. Alongside Majesty 2 from the middle of the week, they have 2 main deal themes this time.

The first, and possibly biggest one, is for the Warhammer series. Right now on Steam, the Gold Edition for Dawn Of War II is currently 50% off at £20/$28.69/€23.47, which contains the main game and Chaos Rising. Both of these are also 50% off individually.

Next up, we have Valve's own Half-Life 2, alongside Episode 1 & Episode 2. These are all 30% off, Episode 1 & 2 going for £4.19/$6.09/€4.92 and HL2 being slightly higher at £4.89/$7.11/€5.74. Alternatively, The Orange Box is also available at £11.89/$17.28/€13.92, which is roughly the same price as all the Half-Life 2 set put together and includes Portal and Team Fortress 2.

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