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The Ace Attorney Series to Hit the iPhone soon

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The Ace Attorney Series to Hit the iPhone soon

Post  Terra on Sat May 22, 2010 9:02 am

Since the series original trilogy was initially released for the GBA between 2001-2004 back in Japan, Capcom keep porting the games over to new platforms. Coming to prominence on the DS, the series has also been released on the PC and WiiWare but they don't plan to stop there, not long ago, Capcom announced that the series would also be ported to the iPhone/iPod App Store.

While it's been available in Japan for some time now, they've released more details and some English screenshots to go with it. The iPhone port will include use of the touch-screen and a “Flick Interface”, to be used for investigating crime scenes and presenting evidence, in a very similar manner to the DS versions,

No details of the pricing has been announced for these ports yet and neither has a release date.

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