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Square-Enix and Yahoo Reveal New Game

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Square-Enix and Yahoo Reveal New Game

Post  Terra on Fri May 21, 2010 6:04 pm

A couple of days ago, Square-Enix and Yahoo announced that they were working on a game that would “Make Japanese History”. While there was much speculation as to what this game would be, It’s probably a safe bet that many weren’t expecting them to reveal this new game to be a “a free browser-based strategy game taking place in Japan's Sengoku era”

The game is called Sengoku IXA, and is being developed by One-Up. In the game, you build up an army and team up with other plays to expand one of the 12 territories. These Battles will then unfold in real-time over 3 full days, with combat being the user’s choice of something that’s either automatic or that you can then control manually.

There’s also a system of Virtual Cards, which have five different categories of rarity. It appears that these will be sold through a virtual store alongside other in-game items, which seems to be one of the main ways that Square-Enix will make money off the game. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as they are known to include DLC in their games and sell such items.

It’s also been announced that a closed beta for the game will start up on May 27th, so more information about the game will soon be known.

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