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Scribblenauts Sequel Officially Named

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Scribblenauts Sequel Officially Named

Post  Terra on Mon May 17, 2010 4:20 pm

The Scribblenauts Sequel has gone under the "Scribblenauts 2" name for awhile. Today though, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced that it will instead be called "Super Scribblenauts" and also released a few new screenshots.

Speaking about the anticipated new games, Warner Bros have said that the ability to modify objects in the game by using adjectives, which will be able to change features of the object such as "the color, size, style, behaviors and many other aspects"

They also said that "Multiple adjetives can be combined together to produce incredibly creative objects, such as gentlemanly, flaming, flying zombies and purple, obese, winged elephants, allowing the player's imagination to run wild for an even more inspired and individual experience than ever before"

A release date for Autumn 2010 in the US was also promised in the statement.

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