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Steam Weekend Sales: 14/05/10 – 17/05/10

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Steam Weekend Sales: 14/05/10 – 17/05/10

Post  Terra on Fri May 14, 2010 5:31 pm

During the week, for those of you unaware, we’ve seen Steam really go one better with their deals and promotional offers, by giving away Portal for free until May 24th as part of a Promotional deal for Steam’s release on Macs. While this remains to be the big deal currently going around, here are a few more games they have put up on Offer this week.

There are only 3 major deals this week outside Portal. The biggest one would be Tropico 3: Steam Special Edition, which right now is currently 75% off at £5/€5.88/$7.22. Tropico 3 is a Construction and Management game, where you play as a Dictator. This Special Edition contains 2 extra maps for the Sandbox mode as well as 2 additional costumes for the Dictator of the game.

Second up is Quantz. This is an Action Puzzle game similar to games such as Actionloop/Magnetica and Luxor, but contains a 3D twist to it. The game is currently 75% off at £2.40/€2.82/$3.48 and have been subject to positive reviews so if Action-Puzzle games are your type, this is a good choice to look into. Finally, we have Torchlight. Torchlight is an Action-RPG in similar vein to Diablo 2 and has been highly acclaimed. Right now, it’s 50% off at £7.49/€8.88/$10.89.

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