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The Humble Indie Bundle Pay What You Want Charity Offer

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The Humble Indie Bundle Pay What You Want Charity Offer

Post  Terra on Wed May 12, 2010 6:30 pm

For those of you who aren't aware, right now, Wolfire games have a special offer going for PC gamers right now. The Humble Indie Bundle is a bundle of 6 Indie games (Gish, World Of Goo, Aquaria, Penumbra Overture, Lugara HD and they've just recently added Samorost 2) in which you can choose whatever you want to pay for this set of games, be it £0.01 or £1000 and around 30% of the profits will go to charity. So far, around $359,928 has been raised with the target being $1,000,000.

This money will be split between two different Charities, which are the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play. For those of you unaware, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a non-profit group based in the US based around Digital Rights, while Child's Play is a charity created by Penny Arcade founders Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins which donates Children's Toys and Games across Children's Hospitals worldwide.

Another aim of the project is to make the open source code available for 4 of the 6 available games, with Samorost 2 and World Of Goo being the exceptions here. So far, only Lugaru HD has it's open source code available, with the coding for Gish, Aquaria and Penumbra Overture to be released soon. The offer only lasts for two more days

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