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Steam Weekend Sales: 07/05/10 – 10/05/10

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Steam Weekend Sales: 07/05/10 – 10/05/10

Post  Terra on Fri May 07, 2010 10:58 am

After no new sales during the week, Valve has finally given us some new ones for the weekend, the most significant ones being the Civilisation series. Steam currently have Civilisation III Complete going for just 75p/$1.13/€0.89. Then, we have a Civilisation IV Collection going for just £6.25/€7.41/$9.44, with each of the individual titles on sale at 75% off each. Finally, we then have Civilisation V, which is currently 25% off. Keep in mind that the game is not currently available, but is instead up for pre-order, to be released in September.

Outside the Civilisation Series, there are a couple of other offers going on right now. One of the main games on offer here is Modern Warfare 2. Right now, you can play MW2's multiplayer mode for free this weekend and they have the game on sale to go with this free weekend. It's not a huge price cut however, as it's only 18% off at £32.99/$49.81/€39.14.

Also on offer is Shattered Horizon, an Action-Indie Sci-Fi FPS game created by Futuremark Games Studio, where you play with up to 32 people across 8 Space based levels and is set in zero gravity. Right now, it's 25% off at £11.24/€13.33/$16.97 and currently scores at 72/100 on Metacritic so this may be one worth looking into.
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